VMCC 1000 bikes Mallory Park 2019

Another great year at the VMCC 1000 bikes at Mallory Park with great weather, lots of bikes to see and hear around the track. Wherever you went there was always someone who wanted to chat to you about bikes, this was a brilliant weekend and you don’t have to be a VMCC member to participate, in fact you don’t have to have a classic bike any road bike can go around the famous Mallory Park circuit, you can even join the VMCC club with a modern bike, no old bike required. We were even treated to a repeat of the classic John Cooper v Ago race of the year re-enactment battle of 1971 which everyone loved and some of us were there in 1971, what a great memory and re-enactment. VMCC 1000

Above video of John Cooper v Ago re-enactment of 1971 race of the year at Mallory Park 2019

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