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Whether you have a motorcycle a licence or neither you are very welcome to become a member of the Vintage Motor Cycle Club along with your family and friends.

Membership Pricing

New UK Membership*        – £

New EU Membership*        – £

New World Membership*    – £

Full Junior Membership**   – £

Additional Family Members – £

(Per Member)

 To apply for Additional Family Members you must first be a full member

* Inclusive of £ Joining Fee

** Under 18 years of age, UK only(Family Membership is not available with this  type of membership)

To become a member of the Vintage Motor Cycle Club

Please visit our parent site

As an affiliated member you are then entitled to attend club meetings, events, ride-outs and many more occasions within any of the sections of the club, just remember to bring your membership card.

As a Vintage Motor Cycle Club member there are many benefits you are entitled to: including a FREE monthly club journal, discounts with insurance and many other companies, and entitlement to participate in events and meetings organised by 80 local sections, including the North West Section.

Please click here to visit the VMCC main site for full details

If you do wish to use a bike for our runs etc, we have a rolling twenty five year rule to adhere to as of each 1st January a machine from any origin (Japan, Italy, Spain etc.) that becomes 25 years old (or more) by its date of manufacture will become eligible for VMCC events. A lot of people are under the misapprehension that only British bikes are allowed, but that is not the case! If you do wish to use a bike for any of our events, we have a rolling 25 year rule to adhere to.