The club held a bring & buy sale recently and I attended with my friend Tom, neither of us had been to a bring & buy sale at the club before and didn’t know what to expect. As we didn’t know what to do, we both brought bottles of alcohol for the sale.
When we arrived, we were confronted with a large table full of all kinds of items, from jigsaw puzzles to motorcycle parts. Alex had said the theme for the bring & buy sale was tramps, but again I didn’t know what this meant.
Alex came wearing some old clothes he used when working in his shed of dreams, although he said his wife Barb had washed and ironed his trousers and sewed up a large tear in them as she didn’t want him to go out and show her up.
Gordon on the other hand was dressed in his garage working clothes, so was quite the part.
Gordon & Alex took control of the auction and soon things were selling at break next speed. Gordon got some “high” offers of in excess of £1 on occasions. As soon as Gordon got an offer, he was quick as a flash striking the hammer down.
However, some items weren’t getting any offers but, Alex & Gordon had a way of getting rid of these items. I recall a pair of bath taps in lovely chrome finish weren’t moving. So the next unsuspecting bidder on another item received these taps as a bonus item to his sale. Although the person concerned insisted, he didn’t want then Rod would not accept them back as there was a “NO RETURNS POLICY”. This was quite funny at the time until Tom and I started putting in bids for various items we thought would be useful to us. On receipt of the items, we had bid for we also got some of the items that weren’t selling. At the end of the night our car was full to bursting. The majority of items being bonus items we didn’t want. My local charity shop was pleased to accept these items and said they would flyoff their shelves.
Tom and I thought the bring and buy was a hoot and enjoyed every minute of it and look forward to the next one.
I think everyone else seemed to enjoy the bring & buy sale and Alex tells me it raised £250.12 for club funds, so not a bad night’s work by everyone and thanks to everyone for taking part.
Unfortunately, I hadn’t taken any pictures of the event so if anyone out there who has any pictures and or comment they would like to share and adding to this article for the club website please forward information to us.

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