Beryl & John Melling talk on the County of Shropshire The Barons Burscough

Monday 27th January we were entertained with a talk and a slideshow from John Melling on the county of Shropshire and what a great night it turned out to be. Apart from John’s informative and entertaining talk we had a full room with over 50 members in attendance. Followed by our usual buffet. It was lovely to see more wives and ladies in attendance in what always seems to be male dominated. A lot of our ladies are hardy and enthusiastic  motorcyclists with many miles under their belts. We are fortunate in the fact that the Northwest Section is a very proactive group which reflects in the attendances that we get. We started out this year with our show at the junction in Rainford which was a roaring success and we want to keep the momentum going all year and what we want is to see if we can get more of the older bikes out (girders) its said that there is not enough events for them and so we are going to try and rectify that so there’s no excuse for not using them! Regards Alex.


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