VMCC North West Section contribution against global warming

At a club night two of our members Keith Wood and Tony Banister proposed an idea to plant some trees to make a small contribution to the ever increasing climate changes. This was discussed and unanimously voted in favour that we the Northwest Section should support it and cover the cost out of club funds. We took a while to plan it and chose a suitable time and place to carry out the Idea. Fortunately Two of our members offered an area on their respective properties where we could plant the trees. We decided to get our team equipped with spades and  other equipment a few weeks  ahead of the meeting  on the 19th and 20th of February, Utilising the two days because the planting sites were in different locations. The trees had been purchased and a team arrived at  the  first Site which was Brian Moorcrofts farm at Hundred End just to the East of Southport. Brian Moorcroft’s son Keith had already marked and plotted out the site and our team got to work. It was the morning after Storm Eunice and it started out cold but dry. This was about to change as it soon started to drizzle which then turned to hail and finally a full snow storm but our hardy team kept at it and within  a couple of hours the planting was complete. The team of eight had successfully planted a total of 106 trees. There was about a half a dozen slightly older saplings and 100 whips of various types planted on Brian’s property thanks to these hardy souls. It was then time for a refreshing cuppa before all heading home. The next morning we headed to Colin Hornbys Farm in Thornton to finalise the planting. This was a simpler task as there was only two slightly more mature  trees to plant and the weather was a bit kinder. Five of the team including both Keith and Tony  turned up and set to on the chosen spot. These slightly more mature trees were kindly paid for by Brian Moorcroft himself and so a BIG THANK YOU TO HIM

 Thanks to everyone for giving up their time for our green project. My thoughts are if any other Sections could follow suit it could help to make a  small difference in this lovely world where we all live.
Alex Graham

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