The Junction Pub 3rd Bike Show & Thundersqueak 2019

The 3rd Junction Classic bike show went ahead despite the poor weather we had a reasonable turn out, although there were quite a number who left their bikes at home and came in their cars. However, I’m sure they all enjoyed the show for a cup of tea, bacon butty and a chat with like mined people. Others came on their bikes getting quite wet (including me), but at least I had a nice dry ride home, which I thoroughly enjoyed. If I’m not mistaken there were a couple of riders on Royal Enfield Bullets from the East Lancs Section, so it was good to see and talk to them.

Alex went out with several other small bikes for a ride on the Thundersqueak ride out, unfortunately several others who intended to join Alex went to The Barons for the ride out, so obviously a little confusion over where the Thundersqueak ride out was to start. I’m sure those who went on the Thundersqueak run enjoyed their ride out and at least it was dry when they went out. 



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