N/W Roadrunner Projects No.5

Brian Moorcroft’s Projects

Here is what I have been upto since I last mailed you. The Triumph is a 1919 Mod H finished and now gone to Holland. After that I did the ZB Goldie bitsa I got a frame, gearbox and bottom end of a M33 off Graham Sharock about 5yrs ago as I had a Goldie top end for a ZB34 and also a BB32 (that’s next but one in line) so along with other bits of Bsa’s in the cupboards it was only natural to make it into a bike. The front wheel was out of a Spitfire and had been in stock for around 30 years waiting to be used. The back wheel I unlaced some time ago for a Dunlop rim and had also been waiting a long time for the Dunlop rim and also been waiting to be used, so I laced it up onto a BSA crinckle hub and used a victor hub and brake plate. The tank when it goes on is from india, which I bought when I got the frame and my plan was set, the reason it is not on the bike is I need a top yoke of a plunger flash /A7 type the later one I got off Alex fouls the tank.

  The  next bike you see on the blocks is a 1935 W35 BSA 500 side valve which is now in pieces and work has just begun so more pictures in a couple of weeks so you can see work in progress. All the best to fellow members see you on Monday 31st August. Brian Moorcroft


1919 Model H Triumph
ZB Goldie bitsa
1935 BSA W35 500 side valve

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