It’s a bit of a trials for Sue

It’s a BSA Bantam I’m building for my wife Sue. We bought this as a basket case, almost complete but as is always the case much of it was missing. The original idea was to build it as standard but I would need to buy lots of new shiny bits and that would cost more money so because Sue always liked trials styling, I decided to build this.

The front forks are from a C12, I’ve lowered the sub frame and lengthened the swinging arm. The exhaust pipe I made from one that came from a burnt-out garage and the fuel tank has been moved back to avoid hitting it with the forks. I made the side panels from some alloy sheet I had; I made the mudguard stays and the front wheel spindle to fit a Honda TLS wheel.

Theres more to do yet but while there’s no Auto Jumbles I’m struggling to find more cheap bits.
Tony Banister


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