Christmas Quiz 2021


Hello Gentlemen,
I hope you are all well ? Cast your minds back to pre -pandemic times, and if you can remember, our section organised  a  Christmas Quiz with all neighbouring sections being invited. A good night was had by all in attendance. 
We have now resumed our meetings at our usual venue. Although we have changed our meeting nights to the first Thursday of the month ,from 7:30pm. 
Having spoken to our section members, and providing we don’t have another Covid spike before December, I’d like to invite you all to bring along a team to take part in our quiz. I hope you can all bring along a team and hopefully we’ll have a good night. The date in question will be Thursday 2nd December .If you can let me know if you can raise a team, I’ll forward on more details as time progresses. No problems if you can’t make it. Look forward to your replies.Thanks.
Best Regards , Adrian Such, Secretary , Central Lancashire Section ,VMCC

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