Request for support for North West Air Ambulance

Message received  from Marshals North West 

Shout out to Members, Racers and Motorcycle Clubs for Motorcycle Marshals to help the North West Air Ambulance.

The North West Air Ambulance supported by J&S are organising a charity motorbike ride out on the 17th May. Starting in Congleton at 9.30 am, and ride for around 2.5 hours including a coffee break.

Out Run Details,-2.231872,53.146103,-2.250326,53.144652,-2.258023,53.15902,-2.321377,53.16005,-2.273912,53.178758,-2.348365,53.187657,-2.379446,53.1961,-2.430549,53.190788,-2.515945,53.188788,-2.53878,53.138379,-2.5072,53.080363,-2.558055,53.109484,-2.788124,53.17294,-2.815294,53.172573,-2.797542,53.200994,-2.760487,53.220256,-2.639529&b=0&c=0&k1=en-US&k2=km


Return Run Details,-2.639529,53.253301,-2.472913,53.228678,-2.385017,53.22767,-2.368455,53.2206,-2.354451,53.215355,-2.351011,53.229752,-2.29669,53.234624,-2.239551,53.236922,-2.21782,53.237807,-2.181715,53.224984,-2.143833,53.214745,-2.126061,53.197085,-2.131673,53.163163,-2.206516,53.163028,-2.206276,53.153716,-2.185483,53.151263,-2.231872&b=0&c=0&k1=en-US&k2=km

The North West Air Ambulance are looking for help from people who would be available to Marshal groups of 25 motorcycles around the route, I believe they will operate the second man drop off system, with a lead rider and tail end Charlie. But details will be confirmed nearer the date.

If you are able to help or can post this to your own clubs to find help for this very worthy cause please contact:-