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VMCC Options

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Don’t delay do it today 

Hello to you all,

                            I am your Area Rep until the next AGM then it is up to you to vote for who you wish to do the job.  My main passion is old bikes , but I have nothing against the modern machines. After all we are motorcyclists through and through and all enjoy the camaraderie that comes with our hobby.

             The VMCC at present is having a tough time. Some think it should be run as a business first and a motorbike club in second place.

There are many thoughts on how the club should face the future. For me it is smiles to the miles first of all.  I can see a rather volatile

AGM, that will be via Zoom so you can all join in and put your two pennorth worth in.

            As soon as we get the all clear I intend to visit all sections and speak to you. When it comes to questioning the board it will be what the area in general feel and not my individual thoughts, after all there is no ‘I’ in team North West.

      So even if you ride something nice with girder forks, a ridgid rear end and side valve, bamboo framed saki supper, pizza wheeled spaghetti frame or one that the cylinders have fallen down to horizontal

and even the ones that should go ploughing . I’m here to listen to what you say.

                 Hope to see you all soon.

                        Mike Griffiths

  Land line  01270749157

   Mobile    07729888631

More options for your section members to think about… It is important to the club for some good suggestions.
    Mike G
I hope you are well.
Best wishes for the New Year – although things seem to have got off to a pretty bad start!

I have had some some initial thoughts about the ‘options’ consultation recently circulated.
The idea of consultation is welcome obviously but the options as set out are not based on an agreed mission and on broad strategic aims and objectives which them flow from it. It seems much too ‘Allen House centric’ and does not sufficiently embrace and explore the support, development and growth of our Sections which lie at the heart of the Club.
We are still the biggest motorcycle Club of our type in the World but worryingly we still lack a suitably clear mission statement which answers the question ‘What is the overall purpose of the Club?’. This has to be far more than mere window dressing and it is really needed in order to encapsulate clearly what it is that we are all about.
We then need a coherent list of strategic aims and objectives which, taken together, represent the optimum way in which that mission is to be pursued and delivered in the short/medium term. From the A and Os then stem costed programmes of work for delivery of each. A suitably robust income generation strategy has in turn to be developed with a full and realistic examination of all the options. Income and programme costs the need to be matched taking account of other overheads/liabilities.
The consultation in my view avoids this vital big picture discussion and dives straight into revenue and costs – and fundamental as these are, concentrating on them to the exclusion of all else exposes the Club to the danger of making revenue generation and cost control the key strategic objectives in themselves rather than servants of the mission. Creating satellite (?) revenue generating businesses could become the key focus of the board and possibly a huge distraction from what the Club needs to do to achieve its real mission. That said, the updating of business and administrative processes to support essential objectives is obviously crucial. There is no discussion at all however of how to maximise legacy fund raising. This is especially strange given the Club’s membership demographic and the professionalism with which this funding route is pursued so successfully by other third sector organisations.
My own view is that our overall purpose is to enhance the enjoyment to be had from owning, restoring, riding, maintaining and generally enthusing over old motorcycles. And, apart from employing (very dedicated) people, collecting subscriptions and running a membership data-base, our Club exists to do certain essential things to achieve that general objective:

Supporting Section life and riding (now made difficult but not impossible by COVID);

Delivering a monthly Journal (which has got much better);

Running a website and the Forum (always capable of improvement);

Organising and delivering a national events calendar (currently in suspension during the pandemic);

Preserving and ensuring access to our unique and precious archive (so important);

Supporting our marque specialisms and dating services;
Delivering other services as appropriate, curating the Club machines, running awards and so on; and

Scanning the scene for legislative and other potential threats, speaking up on our members’ behalf to defend our right to go on riding older machines, and maintaining links with like-minded organisations.
We have also to think much harder about how to draw a new generation into our strange pastime.
We need a serious discussion in the Club about each of these first and the various options about how to develop them before diving straight into income strategy.
Of course you can accomplish very little without necessary resources but the key challenge first is to use your imagination to establish what it is ideally you would want to achieve. Simply setting up a series of businesses to raise income is not a key objective. And I feel strongly that, in general, third sector organisations should not seek to deliver services to members which are adequately delivered by commercial providers already in the market.
Another key challenge is how to ensure that all the various streams of work in the Club synergise to the greatest possible extent and do not exist in isolation – or worse still, compete with each other.
To mix metaphors, I feel the consultation will only be successful if it allows members to start with a blank sheet and take an high enough helicopter view while also digging in the depths. (The financial projections set out need to be entirely transparent and based on independent financial assessment.)
The consultation will not be suitably comprehensive nor sufficiently democratic if it is offered as simply as a choice between a number of insufficiently strategic but apparently ‘oven ready’ options. Good consultation only really works where people contributing get together and have free and open debate. I hope the Zoom sessions proposed will enable this to happen.
Roger Bibbings
Secretary, Herefordshire and Mid Wales Section

Hello all,
               If you could please circulate your members with the following for them to use if they do feel stongly as to where we are heading…  Act now and not leave it until the bus has gone.  I’m sure the club will go on and on with us all enjoying our bikes and not too much involvement from the the business side.



Hi Mike,
The best thing your members can do right now is to vote in the Poll included in Rogers letter. The link is  https://tinyurl.com/yykfpngw
What we really need to get  the board to hold back on Option 4 and allow a rethink is large numbers in favour of this approach.
All the best