The Woodvale Rally

After many wonderful years of the Clubs support and attendance at the Woodvale Rally, it has been decided by a vote of the VMCC North West Section members to decline any invite to attend (as a Club) the Victoria Park venue for the Woodvale Rally in 2014.
That is not to say that we are in any way discouraging our members to attend as individuals, indeed we really do wish the hard working organisers of the Rally every success for 2014 and for years to come.

We have had a lot of fun over the years at this massive International event and it is with deep regret that our members feel that this experience has not really continued since the show condensed with its move to a far more restrictive area at Victoria Park.
Many members feel that, for us, the show has just not been the same since leaving its home of 40 odd years at RAF Woodvale.

Our members will review the situation in coming years and would be absolutely delighted if the Rally were able to move back to RAF Woodvale in the future.

To provide you with a taste of what an excellent time we have had over the years here are a selection of photos and the odd video of our Section attending Woodvale Rallys in past years.