Brian Moorcroft bikes for sale

Brian Moorcrofts for sale

Brian’s bikes for sale are a couple of flat tankers that he’s going to part with as he’s having a bit of a change around.

They are a 1924 AJS 350 in good running order, use as is or spoil it and make it all shiny! For sale for £8,000

The same goes for the Little 250 as Velocette called it in 1925 dead original bike comes with pictures of it in the Banbury Run in 1956 , then later with his son on it and later still with his grandson on it all competed in the Banbury Run  for sale for £7,000

Please call Brian on 01772 811430 for further details or to view, thanks for looking .

Here is other pictures  of a project track /parade bike that I was building just needs finishing off with exhaust system etc. it consists of a 1954 bolt up Dommie frame converted for Inter Engine,1950 350 Inter engine (new) rebuilt racing both mag by Tony Cooper rebuilt forks new stansions bushes etc Manx conical S L/S front brake, Manx Oil tank, lay down box reckoned with higher bottom gear set, dommie back wheel. For sale for £10,500

For further details or viewing call Brian on 01772 811430  thanks for looking. Regards Brian Moorcroft.


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