Norton N15 CS

Approximately 2500 N.15 C.S. machines were manufactured, some of them again in the Matchless form as G.15 C.S.

Closely based on its predecessor, the Atlas Scrambler, the N.15 C.S. had a modified front fork action, rubber gaiters, and a stronger cylinder head steady. The frame was still the bolt-on rear G12 type. A slimmer seat was fitted, which necessitated moving the oil tank inwards a little.

The petrol tank was altered, and instead of the Norton transfer used on the Atlas Scramblers, now had the round plastic badge. The standard colour was Candy Apple Red, a different red to that used on the Atlas Scramblers, although a blue and a green were available.

The mudguards were smaller than on its predecessor and the exhaust system was now fitted with standard Norton silencers. This model was fitted with Norton brakes whereas some of the other hybrids had the Matchless components. The Matchless alloy primary chaincase must have been an improvement over the dreadful pressed tin Norton affair.

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