Foyles War

One of our section members has occasionally supplied historic period motorcycles for TV drama and films and the old cobbled streets of Liverpool have often found themselves the setting for TV advertisements and drama. Colin supplied a Norton Dominator for the John Lennon Liverpool setting of “Nowhere Boy”, and has been asked to supply period motorcycles for a new project, part of which is to be filmed on the East coast.

One such, popular series that Colin and his bikes have appeared in is ITV’s Foyles War where filming began in early 2014 in Liverpool, in and around the old cobbled streets, namely Faulkner Street, which was also the setting of the interbellum period (time between wars) of the 2008 award winning revival advertisement “Go on Lad” promoting Hovis.

Colin took along his 1928 AJS model K1 and was dressed up as a deliveryman for one of the shots featured in the Liverpool filming of Foyles War in early 2014.

The bike featured is a 1928, 799c V twin manufactured by AJS (A J Stevens) and its acquisition many years ago by Colin is rather interesting. Colin purchased the bike from a Fleetwood trawler man, it had belonged to the trawler man’s father and when Colin arrived he didn’t find it in a garage – it was actually in the mans bedroom – in pieces!

There were a lot of parts missing which, obviously due to the bikes age were difficult to source, although with persistence they were all eventually located by Colin and the later added feature of the sidecar was eventually found in the depths of the Keilder forest where it was being used as an axe store! The bike now has a new lease of life and, like its owner, has become a real star. You can see more of Colin’s film career in our “Girls Night Out” article here.

Here are a few more photos of the sets and vehicles used in the filming of Foyles War in Liverpool.

Michael W George

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